What do you think?
What do you expect from your patent attorney?

That he understands what you are talking about. That he can explain all the legal aspects of your problem in a language you understand.

We listen. Personal contact and detailed conversations with you are key to working together successfully.

We understand your invention - we have carefully assembled our team to cover all the major technical disciplines. We also bring our legal and business experience to the mix. We usually work together, taking an interdisciplinary approach on most projects. We learn from you, and try to return the favour as well.

We understand your business. Collectively we leverage decades of experience in protecting industrial property. And we can explain complex matters in simple terms, too. We lecture in patent law, innovation and marketing at a number of higher education institutions.

We don’t just give you an answer. We try to think one step further, determine background factors, develop possible scenarios and weigh up successful outcomes. This fundamental analysis is an integral part of how we advise you.

We want to steer your projects to success. But not irrespective of cost. If costs and benefits no longer match up, we shout “stop”. We prefer pragmatic solutions, especially where disputes are involved.